Brain hemisphere synchronization

In life we often face challenges which require, apart from some specific skills, the ability to analyze any given situation quickly and effectively, as well as to synthesize various data.

These processes are sometimes difficult to manage. Noticing some aspects of the problems we face and finding the most appropriate solutions often depends on the efficiency of our brain.

This efficiency is, to a large extent, contingent upon the proper co-operation of the two hemispheres: the left one, responsible for logical analysis and language, and the right one, connected with imagination and emotions. We can synchronize the work of the two hemispheres and let their harmonious cooperation benefit us with higher information processing speed and easier data synthesis.

Below I’ve presented, in my opinion, the most interesting and most effective ways of synchronizing cerebral hemispheres. Try all of them or choose one and start practicing it. Let me know if you have noticed any changes after some time of using my tips :)

- Juggling is a perfect exercise for increasing hemispheric integration. It's like riding a bike. Once you've learned it, you'll be able to perform it  at will. The juggling activity in its every aspect is a very complicated operation for our brain.

It involves the frontal cortex (planning of the hands, body and head position), the motor cortex (executing a complex sequence of movements), the cerebellum (keeping balance and eyeball movement) and many other areas of the brain. Research has shown that the synchronization of all these activities contributes to the development of brain tissue, just like working out in the gym leads to muscle growth.

In the internet you can find numerous websites with a detailed description of how to learn juggling  step-by-step. First of all, you need to find the right juggling balls - you can buy them on allegro site, use fruits such as mandarins, or make them yourself.

When you're ready to juggle three balls at once, you can try to increase the number of balls, or make more of what you already mastered (throw balls faster, lower or higher, or with your arms more apart). Sometimes I teach juggling on my courses. In addition to synchronizing the hemispheres, this exercise allows to clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and improves concentration.

- Another popular method of synchronizing the cerebral hemispheres is listening to music with binaural beats. CDs with such tracks sell like hotcakes. The advertising that accompanies the sale of these CDs, for example, on allegro site, is mostly exaggerated. However, if you pick a good one and combine it with the appropriate relaxation, it will definitely help you integrate both hemispheres. What is more, such music makes an excellent accompaniment for relaxation exercises.

Recently, there are many CDs with hypnotic music appearing on the market. They can have a far better impact on our brain functioning. Apart from improving the hemispheres integration, while using such background music, you will listen to a lot of affirmations, which nestle in your subconscious and will have a long-term positive effect on you in terms of permanent change.

- Visualization will also be a useful tool for improving the cooperation of the hemispheres. You can learn more about it from How to create visualizations that will change your life. Visualization can be performed not only in combination with relaxation music, but also on its own. What kind of images you create is totally up to you.

You can picture yourself large hemispheres, between which there is an empty rift. Imagine bridges or other types of connections linking the hemispheres, and each new connection introduces more and more harmony and cooperation. Add in various types of affirmations and the effects will be even more profound!

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