Inner voice telling us "I don't like myself" is an increasingly common phenomenon in our society....

I understand self-confidence broadly in this category. Why? Building authentic confidence touches many subjects: creating, upkeeping and wise use of confidence. It also involves removing barriers and our strife towards acceptance of ourselves, just as we are in this moment. And it is definitely a good place to start you self-development.

Here you will find articles, which will help you see self-confidence from perspectives that didn’t come to your mind previously. You will learn how to enhance your self-confidence and how to remove obstacles we ourselves put in front of us. You will know why being able to distance ourselves is so important.

The topics we touch here will show you how you can use self-confidence in a grounded, balanced fashion – so that you won’t need to fear becoming arrogant or weak. Self-confidence, if well understood, can boost your personal development and even help you care for your loved ones.