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Faith in success

The faith in success (personal, career, financial etc.) is one of the most important factors of...

Why would anyone need motivation? That seems obvious, but it’s still worth saying – it’s far easier to reach your goals and ambitions when you are motivated. But that’s just the tip of an iceberg. What kinds of motivation we can have, which one of them is effective, how to sustain it and how to change it? What motivates you and in which situations? What breaks and stops your motivation? You will find many answers to those questions here.

Each and everyone one of us is motivated by something different, so you need to use many different perspectives on motivation. Remember though, that motivation is not only about firing it up, but also laying the groundwork, noticing and removing obstacles and sustaining it. Read different articles which I gathered here to bolster your motivation and to make it strong and steadfast – and you will see to what great lengths it can lead you.