How can you find your passion in life?

I often receive mails from people who write to me that they want to find their passion in life. They would like to work knowing that it's what they want to do. They are ambitious, motivated and strong enough to act, however, there's nothing they could call their passion.

I often receive mails from people who write to me that they want to find their passion in life. They would like to work knowing that it's what they want to do. They are ambitious, motivated and strong enough to act, however, there's nothing they could call their passion.

If you're one of those people I'll show you what to do to find your passion. Easier said than done, but the game is worth the candle. After all, it's all about your life that you've got ahead of you. You spent half of your life at work! What would say about having a job that's infinitely pleasurable and fulfilling?

"...find your passion, then start to make money on it and you'll never have to work again"

It's a vital topic not only for people who haven't started their professional life yet, but also for those you are professionally active. If your work makes you bored, stressed and unhappy, it's high time you changed it!

There are two widespread limiting beliefs in our society. The first one says that you can find your passion only by being spontaneous. In other words, you cannot find passion, but passion needs to find you by chance. I believe it's not true which I know from my own experience. You can make an effort to explore thanks to which you'll find your passion. The second belief, which is more like a rule than a belief, says that - you should hardly ever change your job. Even if people feel really bad in the job, they do not change it because they are simply afraid of it. Security is much more important for them than happiness. But what is so secure about doing your whole life things that you actually hate? Stress and negative emotions that accompany such work won't give you the feeling of security and health.

Thus, find something you can really be passionate about and start making money on it. It's possible! It's worth devoting time and energy for finding your passion. By doing what you love through the rest of your life, you'll keep thinking: "wonderful, it's another beautiful day in that amazing job, I can't wait!". Furthermore, having such a job you'll put thousands times more willingness, energy and creativity, which will certainly bring you a lot of money.

Once, when I was in the primary school, I took an interest in astronomy. I was always curious what was going on far away among the stars. I wanted to become a scientist. But when I started to delve deeper and deeper into physics and astronomy I realized that it's not so interesting for me. After a while, I completely forgot about the astronomy and I didn't know for a long time what I would do in the future. I didn't have a plan, my mind was totally blank. And suddenly one day...

I found my passion by exploring various things and looking for interesting topics in different places. Once, while browsing the internet I found a mention on conscious dreams. It compelled my attention immediately and after a while I came across related topics and found out interesting articles on brain and personal development. I scored a bulls-eye! I found my passion. Despite this, it still didn't mean it's what I was going to do in life. Three years ago, however, I took a decision which made me calm about my future. But more about this later. Right now let's focus what we can do so that you would find your passion.

Look for your passion

If you do on a daily basis the same things, then you'll never find your vocation. For this reason, look for it on your own. Make an effort to find it. Don't wait till passion will come to you and shout "it's me, your new passion!", because most likely it won't happen.

Look for it all the time and do not stop even for a while. Even if you find something that you consider better than your current job, don't stop exploring if it's still not IT. However, give a try to a new thing, because it's very often the case that when we become good at something we start to love it.

Where should you look for? Everywhere! Read various magazines - even these ones that you would never reach for. Buy yourself a book which you may find interesting. Talk to newly encountered people. Browse the Internet and new web-pages and read articles you come across.

If you bump into a mind-boggling topic, start exploring it. Buy another book, look for other web-pages. Read more and more and find people who also take interest in it. This way you will learn whether a particular topic can become something more than just an interest.

Last time at my workshops I got to know the most persistent person I had ever met. She told me about 10 different jobs she did within last two years, trying to find the dream job that would be the sheer pleasure for her. Despite many uninteresting places she kept exploring and she knew then sooner or later she was going to find what she would be passionate about.

Ask questions

Questions stimulate your mind to look for answers. You can start from questions to yourself. What are your dreams? What would you like to achieve in life? Do you have some pastime that you could change into job? What do you like to read and talk about with other people? Do you have some talents?

Do you want to have a job in which you'll be in touch with other people? Do you enjoy being in power? Are you into planning?

You ask for an advice someone from your relatives or friends. It's worth trying because they can see things that you don't spot. You can be surprised at what you will hear.

Keep trying

Try new things all the time. If you have time, get a job at the place which can be interesting. Develop a taste for different hobbies. You can borrow a camera and take a few photos in the bosom of nature. You can read about computer graphics, download proper software and try to design something. Sign up for a lecture and free training course on the subject which intrigues you. Be active all the time. The more things you try, the greater the chance that you come across your passion!

Here I've got! What's next?

If you have found something you want to engage into, it's time for the next step. When I found my passion, I didn't know it would be something I was going to do for a living. It all changed at one very important moment. A few years ago I decided that my future job would have to do something with my passion i.e. with personal development. It was a final decision and there was no coming back. I decided that it was what I wanted to do in life and make a living. I realized that only in this way I will achieve happiness and personal and material wealth.

It was a breakthrough in my life - the whole tension concerning my future suddenly disappeared. I was fully convinced that I would always love what I do and that it would be a sheer pleasure. Making that decision enabled me to stay focused on steps needed to make my dream come true. It also enabled me to save on time, which I used to spend on things which had nothing to do with my passion. I was the moment when I fully devoted myself to it. As a result, I've been organizing  personal development workshops and training courses, showing people how to be happier and live to a fuller extent. I'm very passionate about my job and I know that it's what I always wanted to do.

You can do the same. Start to fathom out the topic which you take an interest in and try becoming more and more knowledgeable about it. You can invest in books on achieving life goals. Decide how you want to make money on it and become active right now. It can also be the case that you know your passion but you don't know how to make a living out of it - then start from the article How to make a living out of your passion.

If you've decided to explore, there is a lot of work ahead of you. You'll have probably to devote some time and energy to it. Keep in mind that it can be the best investment you've ever made in your life. Imagine how proud of yourself you can be in 10 years: "it's so good that I took these steps and found what I love to do!". As I mentioned before, it's the game worth the candle. And this saying does not express the immense joy you can get from doing what you love. And remember that it is you who decide about your life. Listen to your heart and embark on the quest.

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