Feeling bad? Find out how to change it!

Are you in a bad mood, do you lack motivation, do you feel bad? We all feel like that from time to time. There can be numerous reasons of our poor mental or physical state, however, that's not something I want to focus on here. It's not about the reasons but about the solutions. What can we do to actually feel better? According to me, these are the most effective solutions.


1. Make a list. Sometimes we have so many thoughts in our head that we feel completely overwhelmed with them. These can be some problems that are piling up and to which it’s difficult to find any reasonable solutions. The best way to cope with them is to make a list. Take a piece of paper and a pen and start enlisting all that's on around in your head. Write down all the possible reasons for your misery. It will give you a huge relief and the feeling of controlling the situation. Making a list is itself a good way to feel better well as a great starting point for working on the things that you have written down.

2. Act. Once you have the list, think what you can do with the things that make you feel bad. If it is an unpleasant situation, try to find some positive aspects of it. If somebody  hurt you, try to find some positive intentions that person had. If it is a task that's a little overwhelming, try to divide it into smaller parts and get down to them. Smaller parts are much easier to “bite into" and the very fact of starting the work will make you feel much better.

3. Leave your house. Sometimes the very fact of staying home can make you feel miserable. Sometimes when you struggle with some issues in your head, staying home disables finding the right solution to it. Take a walk in the fresh air and see how many things can be changed. You'll get a fresh look at some issues and you'll undoubtedly relax. Go to a place that you've never been to before and carefully look at the new surroundings.

4. Put on positive music. When you’re feeling down, you always feel like listening to some sad music. It the beginning you enjoy it because it kind of reflects your current mood. However, it won't obviously help you to change it. Instead, put on the music that you listen to when you are happy. After a few songs you'll see that you feel definitely better.

5. Exercise. Exercising is one of the best ways to feel better. Why is it so? Your brain produces endorphins - the hormone of happiness. 20 minutes is all you need to feel much, much better!

6. Do something for someone else. Help a friend to solve a problem or just talk to someone. Surprise someone or simply pay somebody a compliment. The very fact of making someone feel better will not only help that person but also you!

7. Smile. We usually smile when we feel great. Surprisingly, it works the other way too! Brain is not indifferent to the facial movement that's called by us "a smile". When we smile our brain produces endorphins. Pleasant emotions are strongly connected to smiling. So even if you feel it's not the right time to smile, do it a few times! And a few more, later on:)

If you still feel that it's not enough and you need more ways to improve your mental state, read the post on getting rid of negative emotions. I present there 3 NLP reasons that are fast and effective.

What are yours ways to just simply feel better?

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