Limit your sugar intake

Many people do not realize the detrimental effect of sugar intake on their health. By saying sugar I mean biscuits, teacakes, chocolate bars, chocolate, wafers - in other words all the popular sweets, which at the same time are characterized by a very high content of this dangerous substance.

The detrimental influence of sugar intake on our health is not noticeable, however, substantial. In this article you'll learn why it's worth limiting its intake, and above all how to do it.

Why is sugar considered to be harmful

In the Western World sugar has been shortlisted in the book of harmful food on the second place, just after the drugs. Why?

1. Sugar contributes to depositing fat. It's very calorific, which means it's also fattening. It's common knowledge that sugars next to fats are the main source of energy for our bodies, however, you can get the sufficient amount of it by eating fruit and vegetables. So when we consume too much food rich in sugar, it deposits itself in our bodies in the form of fat. If you have a lifestyle in which there is no place for physical activity,after some time it can become noticeable. Obesity has become a real problem mainly in the West, however we're also becoming more and more vulnerable. What's more, maintaing such a lifestyle tantamounts to getting diabetes and other diseases.

2. Sugar has a very negative effect on how our brains work. People who tend to consume this substance in excessive amounts are more susceptible to depression, sleeping disorders, stress and fatigue. So sugar also negatively influences our psyche. Unfortunately, it's also very addictive - the more sweets we eat, the more we feel like reaching for them. Scientists conducted a research among children and it turned out that removing a large amount of sugars from their diet had significantly improved their concentration, learning abilities and general behavior.

3. A large amount of sugar intake weakens your immunological system. It can deplete minerals from your organism and lead to protein and vitamin deficiency. Tooth decay is also caused by consuming excessive amounts of sweets. Sugar speeds up the ageing process.


I do not mean, while writing this article, to encourage you to completely get rid of sugars from your daily menu. It's an important energy source and it shouldn't be removed from your diet. However, it's an indisputable fact thatwe need much less of sugar than we actually consume it.The sufficient amount can be provided by eating fruit, vegetables and drinking sweet juices. So what are the benefits of giving up tons of chocolate bars, candies and biscuits?

- your mood will improve by decreasing the susceptibility to depression and frequent lows

- you'll improve your concentration and ability to stay focused

- you'll strengthen your immunological system

- you'll prevent your organism from storing unnecessary fat and consequently you'll avoid putting on weight

- you'll avoid many dangerous conditions like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

How to cut down on sugars

Now when you know how dangerous excessive consumption of sugars can be to your health, you can get down to cutting down on its intake. There are a few ways to do that:

- If you take sugar to your tea, you can substitute it with honey.Such a tea tastes almost the same , but it doesn't contain that lethal substance. Even though honey has a sweet taste, it isn't as unhealthy as pure sugar - and even the opposite is the case. It's a natural produce which is used for medical purposes. It's rich in vitamins and minerals, it has antiseptic properties towards bacteria, fungi and viruses and it has a positive effect on cardiovascular conditions.

- Provide necessary sugar by consuming healthy food. So as I aforementioned - eat many fruit and vegetables.You'll find sugar there in its natural from.

- Overcome your greed habit. We often eat sweets as result of our desire to have a snack. We feel a little bit hungry and we reach for a chocolate bar. It's much better to reach for something that doesn't contain so much sugar or simply wait till the lunch time.

- Overcome your addiction. If you tend to eat a lot of sweets and you frequently feel like eating something sweet, start to pay attention to it.  Observe how much of such food you eat and when it takes place. Start cutting down on sweets, trying to eat less and less of them every day. If you feel a strong need to snack on sweets, eat something else - the need will go away. Be aware of what you eat on a daily basis and get out of the habit of reaching for sweets. If you won't be able to gradually limit your sugar intake - take a break. Promise yourself that you won't touch even a small piece of sweets for a few days and observe effects.

- Don't be afraid to say "no". If someone treats you to something sweet and you don't feel like trying it or you feel it won't be good for you - just say no. There's nothing bad in polite refusal.

- Work on stress. When you get stressed your brain releases cortisol which makes you long for sugar.I've experienced it myself. Stress and sadness can sometimes trigger the need for eating something sweet. Overcoming stress will decrease the need for consuming sweets.

Pay attention how much sugar you take in and what effect it can have your life. But don't worry if you eat too much of it. After all, you have a complete control over your life and you can change your habits whenever you want to. I hope that the tips I've described will help you take care of your health and well-being. As the proverb goes - you are what you eat. I believe that there is much into it. Cutting down on sugars is the game worth the candle and I do hope that you'll also make up your mind to take part in it.

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